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Published May 2021
28 pages, including card covers
Edited by Dayna Nuhn Lozinski

Table of Contents

From the Bellman’s Log

“The Three Snarks” — A Rediscovered Parody

by Catherine Richards

Just the Place for a Snark!

Osborne Collection of Early Children’s Books

by Martha Scott

Printing the Illustrations

by Ian Mortimer

Warranted Genuine Snarks

Gardner C. Teall

by Dayna Nuhn Lozinski

They Sought it with Browsers

Boojum Expeditions

by Dayna Nuhn Lozinski

Pursue it with Hope

Reviews by Dayna Nuhn Lozinski

Untangling the Knot by Sandra Mann

The Hunting of the Nark by Claire Daines

The Hunting of the Boojum by Samuel Sigdon

Softly and Suddenly Vanished Away

Angel Dominguez

Internet Links in this Issue

Gardner Teall

Guide to the Gardner Teall Collection at University of Wisconsin:

About Helen van Vechten on wikipedia:

Review of The Books and Works of the Philosopher Press by Raymond E. Gnat:

Article on Helen van Vechten at 'Women in Wisconsin':

Digitized version of The Snark at Toronto Public Library:

Ian Mortimer and the I. M. Imprimit Press:

Boojum Expeditions:

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