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Published April 2022
48 pages including card covers
Edited by Dayna Nuhn Lozinski

Table of Contents

From the Bellman’s Log

The First French Snark

By Justine Houyaux

Just the Place for a Snark!

The Lovett Collection

A Snark Sighting in Northampton

With Beverley Webster

Warranted Genuine Snarks: Jonathan Dixon

By Stephanie Lovett

The Hunting of the Forty-Two

By Yuriko Kobata

They Sought it with Browsers

Chasse-Snark by Cindy Claymore Watter

Pursue it with Hope

Review of The Hunting by the Snark by Jeremy Secker

Feature on Griffin Miller’s Jewellery

Internet Links in this Issue

From the Bellman’s Log

A Perfect and Absolute Mystery by Doug Howick

A Sighting in Northampton

Reviews, photographs and extracts

They Sought it with Browsers: Chasse-Snark

People’s Wine Revolution

Appendices to this Issue

The First French Snark by Justine Houyaux

Selected Chronology of Events Related to this Article

Tentative Checklist of The Hunting of the Snark in French

What might Aragon have listened to in the Parisian clubs he frequented at the time?