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Published October 2022
48 pages plus illustrated card covers
Edited by Dayna Nuhn Lozinski

Table of Contents

From the Bellman’s Log

Dayna Nuhn Lozinski

The Hansard Snark

Catherine Richards

Just the Place for a Snark!

Isabel Sullivan: Surrey History Centre, Woking, UK

They Sought it with Browsers: Snark

Dayna Nuhn Lozinski

Is This the Cheapest Snark Ever Published?

Charlie Lovett

Warranted Genuine Snarks

John Minnion

The Marks of the Osgood Snark

August A. Imholtz, Jr.

Pursue it with Hope

The Hunting of the Snark from Reading Room Press
Miles Wigfield

Simon DaVison’s The Hunting of the Snark film
Michael Lozinski

Internet Links in this Issue

The Hunting of the Snark, Imperious Films, 2022

Movie Trailer for The Hunting of the Snark directed by Simon DaVison

‘The Marks of the Osgood Snark’ by August A. Imholtz

Wikipedia entry on James Osgood

‘The Lewis Carroll Collections at Surrey History Centre, Woking, UK’
by Isabel Sullivan

Surrey History Centre Website

Exploring Surrey’s Past website Lewis Carroll online resource, including collections guide

Reflections on the Lewis Carroll archives, on the 150th anniversary of Through the Looking Glass featuring Isabel Sullivan and Caroline Luke, Charles Dodg son’s great-great niece

‘The Hansard Snark by Catherine Richards

The Hansard website

The Parliament Act 1911